Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ian Bremmer

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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Collins to the Republican Tax Plan

Senator Collins claimed .4 % growth in the economy brings in extra trillion in revenues.

Nixon to China?*

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It was a foreign policy trope.  Hmm.  I guess I was least in the word "trope".   In double checking my use of the word, I addressed my project* in one way.  I have yet tor read the link under the "word", but it was found within a google of "Nixon to China" and suggests "Trump to North Korea" which is one answer to my slightly facetious** search.

Now that I have expanded the geometry or loopiness of the subject, another one just may be "Trump to tropes."  In an earlier pondering of this project, I thought of "Trump to the red line."  Today I really was recognizing the difficulty in this effort, as in the Trump will set you free.

Here is another project.

*Note the 3(now4) locations of my asterisks

** This word is attempting to take the edge off a very serious matter; finding a parallel trope for Trump.  (Ironically it just might be "Trump to Trump.")

List of Trump to tropes[!]
Trump to Nixon?

[!]= sic punctuation

Friday, December 01, 2017

Related dig of thought.

search of word plausible as in Nixon era, plausible deniability, Bush 43 plausible blank(what?), Trump plausible incompetence[?!]  I guess that has been used, but further digging may be needed.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

From the annals of a backlog of thought[...]

[...] punctuation open

There was a feature of "political" economics where it seemed the problem was the use of infinity in regard to debt, deficits and budgets.  (to be searched on this blog)

To fast forward here, it seems the other extreme is now, being employed, in the stymied budget efforts at this time.  That being the consideration of tax-cuts that expire and thereby kicking their economic effects, like a can down the road.

This is aside from the duplicitous nature of their press dealings, as Rachel Maddow points to in the Steve(n) Munchkin[!] news.

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Not to mention Moody.
Let alone another shot. (innoculation/vaccine)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

More on the geometrics of everything.

A. but in no particular order or to be arranged later...there is the tetrahedron of will as I reconstructed a platonic book report.
B.  My reference to math being next to Godliness.
C.  the deconstruction of a famous formula into x,y,z & t
D ...may the cable guy be with you or hoist on our own Picard.
Enough charting of points, here is an article that may be relative.

Some prospecting.  Math, geometry and theories are all constructs.  Uniting constructs is problematic.
I have a hunch that some of them are the problem as much as the key.

PS.  I had not even gotten into the piece maybe as far as locality and unitarity, let alone "constructs."

ahhhh..."Rube Goldberg" that's the ticket[!]
or Rubrics Cube or tetrahedron.

~the problem of one and infinities and paradoxes

~~~a problem with the tetrahedron of will in my physics, psychology, philosophy and politics...
see "bundles of tetrahedrons" and a different rendering.

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